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/ MobiLink-LTE Honored for Innovation and for Advancing Wireless Technology

OTTAWA, CANADA (OCTOBER 17 2016) — EION Wireless announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named MobiLink-LTE as a 2016 Mobility Tech Zone Product of the Year Award winner presented by TMC’s Mobility Tech Zone website.

Dr. Anand Srinivasan, CTO of EION Wireless says, “EION’s launch of MobiLink-LTE product portfolio reassures the market EION’s continued investment in 4G, 4.5G and 5G Technologies. With the existing large customer base of over 250,000 radios in WiMAX and Broadband products, this product complements the portfolio required for both existing and new customers”. In addition, Dr. Srinivasan adds, “with the recent partnership with Edgewater Wireless to deliver ubiquitous coverage using both LTE and WiFi, EION is definitely leading its way in offering solutions that are in need by the customers. The LTE-WiFi is the first RF agnostic solution available on the market today.”

"Recognizing leaders in mobile technologies, TMC is proud to announce EION Wireless as a recipient of the 2016 Mobility Tech Zone Product of the Year Award," said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. "MobiLink – LTE has demonstrated innovation and will help shape the face of the quickly evolving industry. It is our pleasure to honor EION Wireless for their inspiring work."

Andrew Skafel, President & CEO of Edgewater Wireless says, “We are very happy for EION and that the company is being recognized with this award for their MobiLink-LTE products. Much like Edgewater Wireless and our WiFi3 products, EION is on a continuous path of innovation and disruption in wireless technology. This award showcases that Anand and his team are developing truly next generation wireless solutions in LTE."

The Mobility Tech Zone Product of the Year Award honors the development of technologies geared toward the evolution of a 4 and 5G, all IP, wireless network, including products, services, architecture and infrastructure, delivery, and applications. Winners of the 2016 Mobility Tech Zone Product of the Year Award are published in the in the Mobility Tech Zone e-newsletter and on the Mobility Tech Zone website.

EION Wireless, a division of EION Inc., is a global provider of Broadband Wireless Access products that enable effective, economic and secure wireless high-speed communications solutions. Formed in 2001, EION is a global provider of 4G Mobile LTE solutions, and high-speed broadband wireless products. With Global Customer Support Operations in India, and multiple regional sales offices around the globe, EION Wireless works with more than 165 channel partners worldwide to support some of the largest 4G deployments in the world. EION Wireless has established over 50 Gold partners globally. EION channel partners support various enterprise sectors such as oil and gas, WISP, Government institutions, mining, safety and security. EION products are sold to Tier I and II Service Providers directly.


Esther Leafloor, EION Inc., +1-613-271-4400, twitter: @eionwireless

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