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VIP 110-24 Gets Geophysical

Petroleum Surveying Firm employs EION Advanced Wireless Equipment


Established in 2002, Megkom AS is a niche consultancy partner and value added reseller of next generation wireless and optical networks. It has a significant presence in Canada and Europe, and ensures that next generation wireless networks are deployed, managed and successfully utilized to create value for all its stakeholders.

Currently, Megkom’s customer portfolio includes vendors, service providers, operators, municipalities and systems integrators across Canada and the Nordic Region of Europe.

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Megkom was required to provide Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) -a focused geophysical company providing a broad range of seismic and reservoir services.A real-time communications network between its ships, the rigs and seismic analysis equipment over distances of 15 kilometres in an offshore environment using next generation wireless technology.

Background to choosing Eion Wireless

Earlier, Megkom had a good working relationship with Wi-LAN that resulted in the initial deployment of its Libra 5800 and VIP 110‑24 product, set into a number of municipalities in Norway. When the products and resources Megkom had previously worked with at Wi-LAN migrated over to EION, it made EION Wireless an obvious choice for replacement of Wi‑LAN.

Since EION Wireless had assumed the manufacturing from Wi-LAN, Megkom were able to source VIP 110‑24 kit for its international deployments after the change over. Hence, the end customer was unaffected, as they continued to deal with Megkom as the facilitator, and Megkom were able to successfully keep the business running by working closely with EION.

Competitive Advantage of VIP 110-24 radio solution

Megkom had announced successful completion of testing of the VIP 110‑24 by PGS in January 2006, after three months of vigorous testing. PGS had initiated the deployment in its first ten ships in December 2005, with the complete fleet being deployed in 2006. The deployment in PGS’s offshore seismic fleet of 25 ships used the VIP 110‑24 with its high power and auto-acquire feature, amplified with Til-Tek Omni antennas to provide a non-stop data communication link between moving vessels while performing their testing in oil fields globally.

One of the primary reasons for Megkom is using the VIP 110‑24 radio solution was the ‘Auto-Acquire’ feature, which is a unique ‘mobile’ feature that allows for constant communication between three radios, two moving and one stationary. If there is signal loss between any of them, then the radio automatically acquires the other. Hence Megkom chose the VIP 110‑24 radio solution as it provided stability, reliability and was easy to install. The VIP 110‑24 isalso able to deliver sufficient bandwidth over large distances at a reasonable price.

This as a result had enabled PGS to win new businesses and allowed them to re-enter the Gulf of Mexico as shown in thechart below. With their ship Ramform Viking being kitted out with EION’s VIP 110-24, it helped PGS to acquire a new Multi-Client 3D seismic survey in the areas of Garden Banks, Keathley Canyon, Green Canyon and Walker Ridge located offshore Louisiana and Texas in the Gulf of Mexico, which covers approximately 401 deep water OCS blocks (9,345 square kilometres).

Ian Clark, Managing Director at Megkom explains,

"EION Wireless produces rugged outdoor equipment that meets the needs of the harsh climates our customers operate in, providing highly dependable, stable and uninterrupted bandwidth."

Future Developments

By gaining tremendous knowledge and expertise in the offshore deployment with Megkom, EION Wireless is determined to further enhance its products so as to support optimum bandwidth at great distances in harsh weather climates from shore to rig, rig to rig, rig to ship, ship to ship, and ship to shore/harbour. This as a result enables EION to create a niche for itself by delivering advanced robust wireless solutions to its worldwide customers the Oil and Gas industry.

  • Megkom is constantly evaluating next generation technologies available in the global marketplace and is currently exploring various access technologies like WIMAX, FTTx and mmWave.
  • With WiMAX gaining traction worldwide. EION contunually improving its WiMAX’s products and capabilities.
  • EION in the future will be able to provide Megkom a product solution in this space, which will enable Megkom to build on the succeses that they have achieved over the years, moving forward.

“EION Wireless produces rugged outdoor equipment that meets the needs of the harsh climates our customers operate in, providing highly dependable, stable and uninterrupted bandwidth”

Ian Clark, Managing Director at Megkom As