Professional Services

Network Planning & Designing and Network Integration

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EION Wireless can perform the entire package of professional services ensuring timely and effective project implementation all the way from network conception and design to integration and service commissioning. The specific services required will be defined based on the specifics of the project.

The core elements of our service offering include the following:

  • Project management and project planning
  • Quality management
  • RF design and engineering services
  • Base station installation and commissioning
  • Backhaul network installation and commissioning
  • Installation and commissioning of 802.16e core elements (ASN and CSN)
  • End-to-end network test and service commissioning
  • Training and Preparation
  • Network Optimization
  • NOC and Field Operations in a commercial network
  • Advanced Engineering Services to monitor network health and performance

Advantages of EION Professional Services

The key to a successful deployment and operation of a WiMAX network is expert design and planning. EION Wireless experts can start with the business model consulting, and work through to a complete network design with clearly defined service and revenue specifications.

  • Single point of responsibility with experienced engineers and managers who are in charge of the entire process EION Wireless’ in house experts for continuity and confidentiality
  • Dedicated experts for RF transmission, network engineering and field engineering
  • State-of-the art transmission and RF coverage tools for best network performance
  • In-house experts located at regional offices world-wide, with local knowledge
  • Close interaction with Wireless Integration and Deployment Services
  • Management personnel assigned at Planning continue with Deployment and Commissioning for best project continuity.

The engineering staff at EION Wireless specializes in various disciplines to support expert planning and design such as RF Transmission Engineers, and Network and Systems Engineers. These specialists will design the physical network and select locations for all the equipment including the base station placement and coverage, backhaul and site construction needs.

  • System Engineers will design the network connections to the ASN Gateways and specify the CSN equipment, structure and settings for a complete end-to-end WiMAX system.
  • Proposal support, equipment definition, business modeling
  • WiMAX system RF design, transmission and traffic engineering
  • End-to-end network design and dimensioning
  • Site and path survey
  • Backhaul RF design, transmission engineering
  • NMS design and connectivity

Network Integration

We draw on our global network of engineering offices and factories to deliver engineering expertise and material to any WiMAX site in the world. With cost of transportation a rising expense in a network deployment, local or regional offices are used for material staging, testing and integration. Highly and certified experienced network engineers are used for all system provisioning and optimization projects. Expert program and project managers with local experience are selected to ensure successful turnkey deployments on time and on budget.

  • Program and project management
  • Site construction
  • System integration and factory acceptance testing
  • Field installation
  • Antenna installation and alignment
  • System testing, acceptance and commissioning
  • WiMAX system provisioning and customization
  • System acceptance
  • Coverage optimization (drive tests)
  • Network optimization and updating

About Services

EION Wireless provides industry–leading technical services and product warranty support using a global network of Technical Assistance Centers (TAC) that provide escalation for operational and technical issues. Factories and repair centers around the world handle repairs within their region, reducing turnaround time and shipping costs.All equipment delivered by EION Wireless can have its factory warranty extended or enhanced through Maintenance Level Agreements. EION’s flexible MLA’s contain uniquely tailored levels of support that provide affordable choices for network maintenance budgets and support philosophy. Network operators welcome advanced service offerings such as First Level Corrective Maintenance and Remote Monitoring Services as cost-efficient alternatives to using their own personnel.

EION Wireless Training services offers training classes on the WiMAX standards and basic technology to get your network personnel ready to operate your WiMAX network from day one. Classes cover the base stations, backhaul, ASN gateways, CSN/AAA, and NMS.

Network Maintenance Services

  • Technical support services – worldwide TAC centers
  • Network and field support – with Tier II and Tier III escalation
  • Customer service, regional repair and return facilities
  • Maintenance Level Agreements – enhanced warranty support

Training Services

  • RF Design Theory
  • EION Wireless product training
  • Transmission engineering and installation best practices
  • WiMAX ASN and CSN equipment
  • Supervisory/ Network Management systems
  • EION Reference Books Series