IoT Devices

SmartRIM 5000 Gen2

IoT-Enabled Remote Infrastructure Management

The EION SmartRIM 5000 Gen2 (Smart Remote Infrastructure Management) is an IoT-enabled platform to remotely monitor and manage primarily telecom towers, and monitor infrastructure like remote buildings, storage warehouses, remote campus environments, etc. SmartRIM 5000 Gen2 is an enterprise-grade, modular, sensor aggregation management platform that can be integrated with custom sensors, solutions and infrastructure.

Product Features:
  • Smart Remote Infrastructure Management Device
  • Sensor Aggregation Platform
  • Monitors and triggers alerts for the following:
    • AC power supply
    • AC Voltage presence
    • Water seepage in cabinets
    • Cabinet open/close
    • GFS
    • UPS battery alarm
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
  • 8 Port Remote Power Relay System
  • Auto-ping functionality
  • GUI monitoring Dashboard
  • SNMP Traps for device alarms
  • Easy deployment and operation
  • 19-inch Rack mounting form factor