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EION Wireless, a global manufacturer of licensed and unlicensed broadband wireless access and back haul products head quartered in Ottawa, Canada has introduced TrustLink-256 technology to address the enhanced security requirements from today’s network operators.

Security is an ever growing concern for businesses and government agencies alike that’s why TrustLink-256 offers network operators an extra layer of security for their network and it includes strong data security features such as AES-256 encryption in addition to management security and user authentication. The TrustLink-256 security infrastructure software enhancements can be added to any StarPlus radio via software key upgrade.

    A network is established is to guarantee convenient communication, file sharing, and operation of commonly used devices that rely on computers, therefore securing a network is vital. TrustLink-256 builds on the base level which is a technology developed by EION Wireless for the delivery of high throughput, outdoor, multimedia rich applications in the unlicensed band. TrustLink Technology provides interference mitigation, increased system performance, low latency and Quality of Experience.

    To ensure maximum security for all networks, EION has taken a multiple tier approach. The three pillars of EION’s network security model are; Payload Security - ensuring that your data is secure using advanced encryption techniques, Management Security - ensuring that management traffic is secure and accessible to only authorized users, and Physical Security - ensuring that devices cannot be unknowingly tampered with.

    TrustLink-256 technology that includes AES-256 and management security, combined with EION’s multi-layer approach to security provides network operators with a total security infrastructure solution.

"EION are relied on to secure sensitive data from federal police services, border security agencies and military organizations and large enterprises in some of the toughest operating conditions in the world." said Kalai Kalaichelvan, CEO of EION Inc. "These are truly mission critical applications and we are proud to have the confidence of these organizations to secure their valuable data."