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New StarPlus firmware is available that introduces performance and reliability enhancements to StarPlus based wireless networks.As a best practice EION recommends upgrading to the previous GA release (in this case 13.04) before upgrading to the current release 13.09.

    This software is primarily targeted to all StarPlus devices:

    StarPlus 5300 AP, 5304 Repeater

    StarPlus 1110, 1120, 1124, and 1130

    VIP 11058

This release note lists changes since the last General Availability release 13.04

    Simple QuickStart Web GUI page

    Ability to Download Log/Error/Debugging files to Browser.

    When user changes Management IP, have their GUI redirected to new address

    Read Only Dashboard

    Bring SNMP up to date with Web. Missing TxQuality, Horizontal and Vertical RSSI, and a Trap based on TxQuality

    StarPlus Secure HTTP for Web GUI

    StarPlus GPS manual entry for location coordinates

    StarPlus GPS sync using HW PPS signal

    StarPlus Role Based Access Control to WebGUI, with RADIUS support

    Change Wireless Settings While Running

    No longer need to reboot for any