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  • Outdoor WiFi for Coverage of Urban Streetscapes

    Outdoor WiFi for Coverage of Urban Streetscapes

    Introducing Street WiFi


  • Outdoor WiFi for Underground Coverage

    Outdoor WiFi for Underground Coverage

    Introducing Tunnel WiFi


  • Rugged and Licensed products for

    Rugged and Licensed products for



  • Security for your

    Security for your

    Enterprise & Government


  • Complete solution for

    Complete solution for

    Oil & Gas


  • We strive for perfection in

    We strive for perfection in

    Safety & Security


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New Products

StarPlus 4448

StarPlus 4448 an ultra-rugged StarPlus Broadband Wireless Security Platform to address the global threat of terrorism, safety and security of mission critical infrastructures. - more

StarPlus 5300


The StarPlus 5300 is a high capacity base radio system that offers a competitive alternative to leased lines, wired and optical systems. StarPlus 5300 uses advanced OFDM and MIMO technologies to deliver breakthrough performance in the unlicensed band.

The StarPlus 5300 radio is ready to handle the extreme backhaul loads that originate from today’s data-heavy 4G/LTE based networks.

With the application of a multiple association license key, the StarPlus 5300 can operate in multipoint mode and communicate with StarPlus CPEs. The flexible StarPlus 5300 is the ideal wireless platform to meet the needs of today’s bandwith hungry users. StarPlus can operate in a legacy mode which is backwards compatible with LibraPlus 5860 series CPEs.

The StarPlus 5300 base radio is packaged in a rugged enclosure which is suitable for all weather conditions. The all-metal enclosure provides high EMI immunity for stable operation in interference prone environments.

TrustLink Advantage

TrustLink™ technology ensures equitable distribution of traffic to all subscriber stations and uses intelligence to determine the number of polling cycles every user gets depending on the level of its activity. This way the network resources are not wasted during the polling of inactive users due to no user data transmission. TrustLink can be employed in both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks and dramatically reduces the effects of unwanted interference on the wireless link.

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