STARMAX 6000 16E


The EION StarMAX 6000 16e Series base stations can deliver an integrated and customized wireless broadband solution based on the IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard. The 6000 Series 16e platform is a high-capacity and modular platform designed to grow as a network grows. Network operators can deliver innovative fixed, nomadic and mobile broadband Triple Play services as a steppingstone to a full 4G mobile broadband solution.

    The StarMAX 6400 macro base station can fully support fixed, nomadic and mobile broadband services in a modular 4U chassis that allows sector growth with up to four WiMAX blades supporting eight STC/MRC sectors.

    The Star4G 6400 supports 2x2 MIMO and beam-forming technologies to deliver incremental capacity increases as your business services develop. View a 3D Model of the StarMAX Base Station.

    The StarMAX 6100 base station is a more compact, stackable unit in a 1U design with full performance.

    Each 6100 base station can support up to two sectors, so a typical six-sector configuration can be supported with three Star4G 6100s in a 3U rack space—a fraction of the space required by other solutions.

    The Star4G 6100 delivers all the capabilities of the modular StarMAX 6400 base station, including MIMO diversity within each sector.

    Supported in 2.3, 2.5, 3.3, 3.5 and 3.6-3.8 GHz bands

    Modular blade architecture supports deployment flexibility with up to eight sectors along with diversity and MIMO options

    Carrier-class reliability ensured with redundant power, fans and sector control subsystems

    Advanced antenna configurations supported: MIMO 2x2 Matrix A/B

    Software upgradeable with fail-back option simplifies growth and maintenance

    GPS Synchronization supported

    Maximum coverage and capacity through high transmit powers, multiple antenna system support and superior robustness through advanced interference mitigation techniques



Whether for servicing fixed,portable, nomadic, or mobile applications, there is a model to meet almost every configuration and application. With quick and easy installation (in many cases, plug-and-play) and web-based GUI configuration, new customers can be added with relative ease. Star4G 3000 Series subscriber units are fully compliant to IEEE 802.16e-2005 standards. These units also conform to WiMAX Forum Wave 2 specifications for interoperability with third-party base stations.

    All Star4G 3000 series units use S/OFDMA radio technology for robust performance under adverse conditions and NLOS operation. Depending on the prevailing link conditions, the coding and modulation can be adapted per burst to optimize link efficiency. With high gain antennas, robust design and small footprint, Star4G 3000 Series subscriber units are available as indoor, full-outdoor with integrated antenna or USB form factors.

    Compatible with wide range of enterprise and residential applications including VLAN, NAT, firewall NAT, IP filtering, DNS, DHCP and bridging

    Wave 2, MIMO A/B Mobile WiMAX-compliant. Advanced radio features—MIMO Matrix A/B

    Over-the-air software upgrade for easy remote management

    Supports strong security and operating features such as AES

    Simple plug-and-play requires virtually no installation effort by end user

    Easy-to-use Windows utility provides a graphical user interface for configuration and status

    Compliant to IEEE 802.16e-2005 standards

    WiMAX Forum Wave 2 for interoperability with third-party products

    SNMP or TR.069 remote management

    Strong Security — AES data encryption, Sublayer PKMv2 EAP user authentication,

    Multiple QoS options

  • Innovation Delivers Performance
  • Distributed Architecture
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The innovative approach taken in the design of EION Wireless’ WSG utilizes field-proven Juniper routers to be used for 4G purposes while retaining all the current functionality of the Juniper Networks® routers in the network. With the WSG, both core routing needs and packet processing needs for 4G wireless systems are met at the same time in the same network, without compromise.

The unique design of the WSG delivers a solution that can grow as the network grows. The WSG starts with 5K subscribers and can be upgraded to support hundreds of thousands of active subscribers.

The EION Wireless Services Gateway decomposes the ASN-GW architecture into separate control and data/bearer paths that are processed by separated and specialized systems. EION Wireless has developed a unique interface between the specialized systems that support control and management between the separate processing paths. This patent-pending interface was rewarded 1st Place “Emerging Technology Award” for 4G Services at the CTIA Wireless 2009 Conference.

The Control path processing is performed by the ASN -Controller (ASN-C), and the Data path processing is performed by the WSG-Router (WSG-R) using widely deployed and reliable M Series routers.

With the division of bearer and control channel functionality, the EION Wireless ASN-GW solution has scalability to support even the largest Tier 1 service provider networks in the world. The EION Wireless ASN-GW solution provides significant latency reductions that enable advanced voice applications as well as improved handover decision and control.

    WiMAX Forum NWG Profile C compliant. High capacity and scale with Standards-based NWG R3 and R6 interfaces

    Subscriber address allocation and management. AAA Integration – Radius client support and Advanced Accounting and Billing

    Per subscriber/per flow accounting statistics and time and volume based accounting

    Pre paid and post paid accounting and QoS and Bandwidth Management Support

    Mobility and Handover and Mobile IP Support with integrated Foreign Agent. Carrier Grade Design for High Availability.

    Control Path separation from Data Path via R7 interface with Multiple Platform Support

    Flexible Management Support and Integration with ProVision™

    Designed to meet NEBS Level 3. FCC Class B/CE/UL 60950 compliant services

WSG Datasheet



    EION's AAA Express software has been developed as a cost competitive alternative AAA solution that is aimed towards entreprise users and closed networks where user billing is not required.

    EION’s AAA Express allows the operators to centrally provision all subscribers - fixed, nomadic or mobile. EION AAA express supports simple mobility.

    The EION AAA Express software can run alongside the ASN Express software on the same stock PC.

AAA/ASN Express Software

    AAA Express provides R3 support for EAP TTLS and TLS for authentication

    Multiple service flows per subscriber. Multiple classifiers per service flow

    Support IP address, Port, Protocol and DSCP classifiers. Support for UGS, RTPS, NRTPS, ERTPS and BE schedulers

    Support IP address, Port, Protocol and DSCP classifiers. Support for UGS, RTPS, NRTPS, ERTPS and BE schedulers

AAA Express Datasheet


  • EION ASN Express provides a cost effective solution for fixed, nomadic & mobile WiMAX subscribers in an enterprise network.
  • The Access Service Network (ASN) gateway is the logical entity providing subscriber control, authentication, and provisioning related communication for the control plane and the data plane in a WiMAX network.
  • ASN Express Software contains all of the features in our popular chassis version in a software format that can be loaded onto a standard stock PC.
  • EION's ASN Express implements the control plane of the ASN and coordinates
  • Provisioning of subscribers between the 802.16e base stations and authentication servers
  • Management of the datapath, for the subscribers, between the base stations and the Wireless Services Gateway Router (WSG-R)
  • WiMAX Forum NWG Profile C compliant
  • Standards-based NWG R3 and R6 interfaces
  • Subscriber address allocation and management
  • AAA Integration – Radius client support
  • QoS and Bandwidth Management Support and Full Mobility and Handover
  • Mobile IP Support with integrated Foreign Agent
  • Flexible Management Support and Integration with ProVision NMS
  • Administration via through telnet/CLI


EION Subscriber Manager provides complete monitoring and control of WiMAX subscriber devices.

  • Clientserver architecture provides full-featured intuitive interface for advanced management of subscriber devices
  • Performance collection for subscriber devices to gather statistical data
  • Provides Northbound Interfaces for OSS Integration
  • Supports import of device and profile lists (via XML)
  • Support for several WiMAX subscriber devices with TR-069 or OMA-DM management protocol
  • Enhanced FCAPS Capability
  • Remote Subscriber Station Upgrade
  • Device and Profile Lists via XML
  • High Level Reporting
  • Documents
EION Subscriber Manager Datasheet



The StarMAX product portfolio provides all the necessary equipment for network synchronization. Regardless of the size of the network, the type of services delivered – either fixed or mobile – and the level of redundancy.

EION Wireless offers a StarMAX solution that is reliable and and cost effective.

    Regardless of the size of the network, the type of services delivered – either fixed or mobile – and the level of redundancy

    EION Wireless offers a StarMAX solution that is reliable and and cost effective.

    The StarMAX 6080 Synchronization board is a fundamental building block of a StarMAX base station. The 6080 ensures synchronization of your WiMAX network from different synchronization sources.

    In the event the GPS signal is lost, the 6080 operates in hold over mode allowing the base station to stay synchronized either 8, or 24 hours depending on the version selected.

    The board can be installed in StarMAX 6400 or StarMAX 6100 base station chassis. The unit can select between a 1PPS signal or 10MHz reference clock as the input reference synchronization signal.

    As the most cost-effective solution, the GPS satellite network can be used as the source of 1PPS signal source for the StarMAX 6080.

    StarMAX 6080 has a built-in GPS receiver and requires only an external GPS antenna, such as the StarMAX 4931, to be full function operation.

    An optional External GPS receiver, such as the StarMAX 4930 can be used, or even in parallel with the StarMAX 4931 antenna for reference signal redundancy.

    For network providers, which are already using network synchronization, 10MHz reference clock is the optimal solution.

    Integrated GPS receiver

    4 front and backplane accessiblesynchronization outputs

    3 different reference clock inputs; GPS antenna, GPS receiver (1PPS) and 10MHz clock

    8 or 24 hour holdover with less than 7 uS phase shift

StarMAX 6080 GPS Synchronisation Module
StarMAX GPS Receiver and Antenna Datasheet