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StarPlus 4448 - EION Wireless is pleased to launch the release of an ultra-rugged StarPlus 4448 Broadband Wireless Security Platform to address the global threat of terrorism, safety and security of mission critical infrastructures. EION’s StarPlus 4448 enables long range point-to-point communications in 4.4 to 4.8 GHz bands typically reserved for military and border security applications. EION is proud to announce that this product is being shipped in volume from Q1 2014 to customers in Americas region for military application.

EION’s StarPlus 4448 Broadband Wireless Security Platform is designed for federal government security agencies and military organizations to create a highly secure broadband wireless infrastructure. StarPlus 4448 combines advanced OFDM technology with EION’s proprietary TrustLink™ Technology to deliver breakthrough wireless performance and protection against interference. The release of EION's new border security broadband platform complements a series of EION products in the security and safety vertical markets, including the recent win of EION's Standing Offer from the Government of Canada", says Gerry Backs, Senior Vice President, steering the Security technology strategy of EION. "This product was designed from the ground-up with border security in mind so that it seamlessly integrates into the military infrastructure. The immediate acceptance of this product by a leading customer in the Americas is a testament to EION for delivering the right-fit platform to the target market", adds Gerry Backs.

The key features that make this product a right-fit for the border security and military application are:

Ultra rugged IP67 physical structure to handle high wind and severe rain weather conditions

Integrated Trustlink technology for battle ready interference protection

Software-key feature for flexibility of frequency selection with an option to lock the frequency as a factory setting

Flexible NMS with a variety of 3rd party network monitoring tools

Integrated vent plug for high humidity environment

The product can withstand wide range of temperatures from arctic to sand storm weather conditions (-40 C to +60 C or -40 F to +140 F)

The product has an easy to install mechanical clamping infrastructure to reduce installation time and ease of use

EION’s StarPlus 4448 is designed to meet the exact requirements from government and military for IP networking of voice backhaul, trunked two-way radio backhaul, GIS data transmission and remote video surveillance. The all-metal enclosure provides high EMI immunity for stable operation and secure communications in hostile environments. Although the product is designed primarily for point-to-point infrastructure applications, the application of a multiple association software key, StarPlus 4448 can operate in a point-to-multipoint mode for wide area coverage to multiple CPEs. The flexible and secure StarPlus 4448 is the ideal wireless platform to meet the perfect requirements placed on national security infrastructure. The product is already shipping in volume and ready to order for broader deployment.

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